Well, Caleb King’s career in Athens is officially over. King (pictured left, CBS Sports) was once one of the most highly-touted players of the last decade, King struggled to stay out of a trouble and healthy, and is play on the field hurt because of it. At no point did King not look a solid runningback in the SEC, but he never could get himself rolling into anything more than that because he never stayed on the field.

Now that’s he’s academically ineligible, all eyes turn to Isaiah Crowell.

The young man Columbus, GA already had many people thinking he was going to be the lead ball carrier this year, and now it seems like the job is locked up for him.

Crowell(pictured right, secfootballnews.com) is now looking at, in my opinion, somewhere in the 180-220 carry range this season. He has the body to hold up to this type of workload and he has been working hard to get himself into SEC shape.

If Crowell gets that type of workload, he should surpass 1,000 yards and make plenty of plays to help out Quarterback Aaron Murray and the rest of the offense.

Despite this, there is another player that now is going to have to make an impact: Ken “Boo” Malcome.

Crowell is probably now the load carrier in the backfield, but Malcome has the potential to make a big time impact this year. While Carlton Thomas, his expected competition for playing time, has experience and good speed he doesn’t have Malcome’s power and size.

Malcome, at least what I have seen, reminds me a bit of Musa Smith, a very good runningback during his career despite some injury issues. Malcome isn’t blinding fast, but he hits the hole hard and at 6’, 220 pounds will be hard for most any defender to take down.

A Crowell-Malcome combo has a lot of potential. Crowell has an overall package that includes breakaway speed while also having good power. Malcome is a bruiser that should be able to churn out the yards the team is going to need around the goal line and in short yardage situations.

Thomas can still make an impact in Athens. He has been around the block with the offense and the pass blocking technique that Richt preaches on. If used in the right situations, screens and draws instead of on dive plays, he can be a huge factor and playmaker for the offense.

As far as King goes, I wish him the best. I won’t be negative like many Georgia fans are going to be, he gave us some great moments during his career in big games. That shouldn’t be forgotten.

The next era in Georgia seems to really be starting now.