In an article featured on, Georgia Bulldog legend Herschel Walker spoke about Isaiah Crowell and the "Dream Team."

I thought it was an interesting read, as Herschel says what I believe and wish that other fans would follow: “It’s never fair to compare any running backs or any athletes because they are so different in generations and different teams."

Yet, they do. Basically every running back that ever signs with Georgia gets the question of whether or not he will be the next Herschel Walker, and sometimes fans set too high of expectations for the young men. Crowell is a great example of this.

People are expecting him to not only be the starter this year in the opener, but to take the college football world by storm. 

Basically, he is set up for failure, but even there Herschel gives some more advice, “The advice I’d give him is do his thing,” Walker said. “You can’t worry about what people think about you. …Just do what he can do and don’t worry about making mistakes." 

He continued later on,  “He has got so much talent. People are looking for so much from him.”

He also kind of compared this year's team to the 1980 national championship team, then Crowell to himself, “The team was already there,” said Walker, who rushed for 1,616 yards as a freshman in 1980. “They were looking for a running back so I fit into a situation. Right now everyone is looking for him to go out there and just carry his team. All he’s got to do is carry his position, carry what he’s supposed to do and most of all just enjoy.”

Big words from the arguably, and in my opinion he is, the greatest college football player of all time. He recognizes Crowell's talents, yet is telling fans to keep the expectations tempered. 

This is what Herschel had to say about the "Dream Team": 

“This campus made me,” Walker said. “Every time things get tough, I know that this is home, this is family.”

That’s part of the message he said he will deliver to Georgia’s heavily-touted “Dream Team” class.

“That’s what I want to say to say to all the rookies, the freshmen coming in. This is family,” Walker said. “They’re going to get out of it what they put in. What you’ve got to put in is hard work, you’ve got to go to class. You’re here to play football. You’re not here to go to bars, to go out drinking or to chase girls. You’re here to play football and get your education. If you do that, good things are going to happen. Look at me.”

Yes, look at you Herschel.

If there is a player that any Georgia player should listen to, its this one. Herschel has forever been kown for his work ethic just as much as his physical abilities. He is without question the greatest player in Bulldog history, and I just hope that this group of guys can take full advantage of the advice he has given them.