In this article we will be taking a look at the chances that I think we get some of the top recruits that still have us on their list. I’ll be realistic with our chances to get the recruit and will base them off of a source that I know of (don’t actually know him, but keep up with stuff that he says) with a good track record and from various scouting sites.


1.John Theus, 5-star OT

Chance: 95%

I’ve heard lots of good things concerning Theus being a “lock” almost at this point for the Bulldogs, but I still have to leave some doubt as to whether or not we get him.

Theus has the ability to be an instant impact player. He’s a great run blocker that is known for being very physical and having a bit of a mean streak. That part of his game kind of reminds me of Georgia center Ben Jones, which is a very good thing.

If he doesn’t become a Bulldog in the end, something drastic will have to change. It’s also worth nothing his brother, Nathan, was part of the Bulldogs 2011 recruiting class.


2.Keith Marshall, 5-star RB

Chance: 90%

I’ve heard a lot of the same things about Marshall that I’ve heard about Theus. I’ve read that he wants to play with Isaiah Crowell and that he likes Mark Richt. The guy that I follow usually knows his stuff about Georgia recruiting, and he’s been saying these things about these two. That’s a good sign.

Marshall is a very explosive back that would be a very good compliment to Crowell, as both have similar talents and the offense wouldn’t have to change their play calling much at all.


3. Avery Young, 5-star OT

Chance: 40%

I do like what I’ve heard him say about the Bulldogs, but I believe that Oklahoma is the favorite right now to land him. Getting Young would be huge for the Bulldogs, as he would be a great fit for the opposite side of Theus and would give them a pair of linemen that they can build around.

This is a bit incomplete right now though, as Young has said that he hasn’t talked to too many of the schools. I expect him to give out some more information as September 1st comes around.


4. Shaq Roland, 5-star WR

Chance: 35%

Roland is one of the top wide receivers in this class as he possesses good athleticism and hands. He is South Carolina’s top recruit, and they are the favorite as of right now.

Georgia is in his top four along with Alabama, Florida, and of course South Carolina. I know that Alabama has been recruiting him hard also, but I think we may be second for him right now. I think he goes to South Carolina though, but we will have to wait and see. He’s a guy worth keeping our eyes on though.


6. Jordan Jenkins, 4-star DE

Chance: 90%

Jenkins is one of the top players in the state of Georgia, and seems to currently have the Bulldogs as his favorite. His top four right now are Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, and Florida.

I’ve been hearing that it is going to be tough for someone to steal him away from the Dawgs, but it’s going to be awhile before we know.

The athletic Jenkins had this to say about when he would make an official decision: "I'll probably decide in January or February," said Jenkins. "I'd like to compete for a starting spot as a freshman, so I'm looking at the depth chart. The relationship I have with the coaches is also going to be a big factor. If I have an opportunity to play with one of my high school teammates that could carry some weight as well in my decision." 

I did ask Chad Simmons from what he thought, but he said he didn’t exactly know who the leader was. I feel good about him being a Dawg in the long run though.


7. Jelani Hamilton, 4-star DE


He is currently still got Georgia among his final 10 schools, but many think he will end up remaining in state (Florida).

As good as I feel about Jenkins, I feel the opposite with Hamilton. I’ve heard that he likes us, but the feeling among the recruiting websites is that he is going to choose between Florida, Florida, State, and Miami.

I will be having updates on him as I get them, though.


8. Josh Harvey-Clemons, 4-star OLB

Chance: 85%

I’m hearing really, really good things about him Georgia being in a good spot with him, from more than one source that is close to people in the program.

Clemons has all the athletic ability needed to be a force at the next level, just needs to get a little stronger and work on some different aspects of his game. Could be a great pass rusher and run stopper at the next level. He would be one of the top signings in this class.


9. Jovon Robinson, 4-star RB

Chance: 55%

I really, really, really like this guy. To me, he’s a more athletic Ken Malcome. He doesn’t have blinding speed, in fact it’s decent at best, but he has pretty good elusiveness for a guy his size (6’1”, 220 pounds).

He brings very good power though, and would be a good runningback that is a bit more of a late bloomer.

I think he will end up coming to Georgia, but the Keith Marshall situation may make or break his recruitment.


10. Jordan Watkins, 4-star DE

Chance: 65%

I haven’t seen either of my sources really say anything directly about him, but when compiling lists of recruits they seem to feel pretty good about him.

Watkins already has good size at 6’6”, 267 pounds. He has pretty good athleticism and would be a very nice pickup if he does decide to come to Georgia.


Over the next few weeks I’ll go through some lists like this as I am able to find more info through or Rivals. Hope you enjoyed the read, go Dawgs!