John Theus is one of the very best players in this year's recruiting class. In fact, has him as the fourth best player in the country. 

Theus is a beast of a man, weighing in at 6'6", 292 pounds. He plays for the high school of Atlanta Brave Chipper Jones, Bolles High School in Jacksonville, FL.

Theus is one of the most sought after recruits in the country with more than 20 total scholarship offers. Many are wondering where he will end up, but many think he will end up Georgia, but Florida is still very much in the race.

Nathan Theus was a 2010-2011 signee for Georgia and is John's brother. While he is still a good player in his own right, perhaps the biggest thing he can do for the Bulldogs is get his brother to follow him here.

John is a great run blocker that loves to attack defensive linemen and drive them off the ball. He's very aggressive and blocks with a nasty streak that many players don't possess. 

Probably the only thing he will for sure have to improve on is his pass protection, which is still better than the majority of offensive tackles in this class.

Theus has the talent to contribute, if not start, from day one. He would be a great upgrade in our run scheme and would surely open up some major holes for Isaiah Crowell and Ken Malcome in 2012.

Theus would be the best signing for Georgia if they can get him. As always, because he is an offensive tackle he will be easily overlooked for some of the skill players that it looks like we may be able to get, but that wouldn't bother him or the coaching staff in Athens much at all.

The following video shows off how dominating Theus can be.