Jarvis Jones will be suiting up for the Georgia Bulldogs this season, and that is very, very good news.

Everyone knows the story by now surrounding Jones, so I won’t get into that. If you do not, this link will give you the background on it.

Now, going forward, what should fans expect from the guy that most are asking to replace Justin Houston?

Well, Jones has very good overall athleticism and is pretty strong, so he should be able to handle Houston’s complete assignments as the team’s top pass rusher.  At 6’3”, 241-pounds, Jones can put his hand down in four-man lines just as well as stand up over the tackle.

Jones has also improved his all-around game as a coverage guy as well, so he’s not just a one trick guy that is limited in how he can help the defense.

His speed gets him to where he needs to go very quickly and when he gets there he can throw his whole body into a hit. This should make him a guy that should give the Dawgs a ton of forced fumbles as well, particularly as he comes from the quarterback’s blind side.

Should we expect double digit sacks? I would say no, but I think he will get there. It really depends on how strictly Mark Richt and the coaching staff wants to use him as pass rusher. If they send him as the fourth pass rusher on every play, then I think he gets there. If they mix it up evenly among the linebackers, then I don’t think he will.

Jones brings lots of talent to the defense and has some big game experience as he played at the University of Southern California before transferring to UGA. It puts one of our best players on the field and that is always a great thing.