I guess it is the same thing at every school. Fans will always think that they know more than the coaches, and in particular the offensive coordinator.

“Why do we keep passing when we are gashing them with the run?”

“Why do we keep running when we are getting stuffed on every play?”

It’s cliché, yet every fan has done it at one point or another. For me personally, I wonder why I don’t already have a coaching job. Seriously, I’m that good.

Back to reality, I can’t fathom another offensive coordinator catching more flack than Georgia’s Mike Bobo does. There’s a joke about Bobo that goes something like this, “How can the defense know what the offense is doing when Mike Bobo himself doesn’t know what he’s doing?”

There was also another joke that said that Bobo has four plays: dive, shotgun sweep, hail mary, and punt.

Yes, it’s pretty bad to be Mike Bobo. Yet it is also good, you make tons of money to be one of the premier college’s offensive coordinator, but those fans still give you crap.

Play calling is one of those things that fans can put up with up as long as you are winning, but Bobo has been under fire pretty much since the start of 2009, or the true beginning of the downturn that Georgia seems to be in.

The opening drive of the season could not have gone better for the Bulldogs. They were in a hostile environment against the highly-ranked Oklahoma State Cowboys, and yet they drove straight down the field and scored a touchdown. The drive was placed mainly on the shoulders of now-linebacker Richard Samuel’s running ability.

Yet after that drive of running all over the Cowboys, Bobo did a complete 180. We became a pass-happy team that barely ran as much the rest of the game as we did on that one drive.

It has become a reoccurring issue. This past season against top ranked Auburn, Georgia got out to a huge lead thanks to a strong start running the ball and some play action bombs that went for touchdowns. Frankly, the Tigers could not consistently stop us running the ball or throwing it deep to A.J. Green.

But what happened?

We stopped doing either, and went to a more Bobo-esque offense. We lined up in shotgun just about every play from then on out and watched as our early lead shrank, and with it our chances of winning.

Yes, we threw for a bunch of yards, but we didn’t come away with the win.

The best coaching job Bobo did all year was against Kentucky. In the game he rode on the back of now-transferred Washaun Ealey. Ealey rushed 28 times for 157 yards and a school record five touchdowns. All he did was kept giving it to Ealey and let the offensive line do its thing.

Why they only did that that game is a bit beyond me. Other fans will point to how inconsistent the running game was, but we did have our top two backs average more than five yards a carry.

So we now head into another season with Bobo calling plays, and again I and thousands of others will think that we are smarter than him every Saturday. Regardless of results, it is stuck in fans heads that we need to take him out of the job. Which is not completely true, because Bobo is one of the best quarterback coaches in the country.

But, it is what it is. Bobo will be the offensive coordinator throughout this season and probably at least another one. Richt lets coaches hold on to important jobs a bit too long, such as Willie Martinez, so what else can we expect? Unless another disastrous season is ahead, Bobo will be calling the shots. Let’s just hope that this year, he knows what he is doing.